Complaints Procedure

We have an in-house Complaints and Disputes Resolution Procedure designed to provide a structured and easy path to resolving any complaint that you may have in regard to the service received from our company.

We ask that you contact Kelleher Real Estate Agency Manager Jeremy Kelleher ( or t.027 873 5722) and make it known who you are making the complaint about and what you would like done about it. The manager may ask that you then put the complaint in writing in order that an internal investigation may begin. We will endeavour to come back to you within ten working days with an official response which may be in writing, this may involve a request that you meet with a member of our team to attempt to come to a satisfactory resolution.

If we are unable to reach a mutually agreed solution or you choose not to meet with our team member then we will write to you with our proposal which we hope can resolve your complaint.

If you do not accept our proposal we ask that you let us know in writing as soon as you can preferably within five working days and you may decide to offer us an alternative proposal which we may accept and implement as soon as is practically and reasonable possible.

If none of the above can resolve the complaint then we will then treat the dispute as being at an end.

Please note that at any time during this process you are entitled to make a complaint to the Real Estate Authority and can be done whether you are communicating with us or not.

The Real Estate Authority
c/o P.O Box 25-371
Wellington 6146
New Zealand
t. 0800 367 7322

Complaints Procedure

Kelleher Real Estate Public Website Terms and Conditions

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General Provisions 
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Website Commitment 
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Your Responsibilities 
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