Looking for the perfect home to write your next life chapter? Our team will help save you time, money and stress, and make the journey towards picking up the keys to your new home a pleasant one. 


Front foot everything

All your questions answered, before you even ask.

Eyeing up a property and have questions? We’ve already done the legwork and have the answers. In fact, we dive in head first to learn about the property and treat the process as if we were buying the home ourselves. We work hard to understand everything there is to know to make sure it’s the best possible match for you. 


Clean Windows & Open doors

Honesty and transparency, every step of the way.

Rugs are for adding a level of comfort, not for sweeping things under. We lean in with honesty every step of the journey, and if there are any issues, we rip the bandaid off and tell you straight away. We’re here for you with not only answers, but also solutions and advice for any obstacles along the way.


The keys to everything

A smooth process, right through to moving day and beyond.

Real estate is a complex and ever-changing beast, and the buying process requires a range of steps, approvals, and engaging legal, financial and insurance professionals. By drawing on our multi-industry knowledge and providing advice across all facets of property review to mitigate any risk, we keep you comfortably informed. We’re experts on the complicated regulatory landscape and can guide you through the process, which will ultimately save you time, money and stress.


Bricks and mortar

Buying a property with Kelleher.

Your offer has been accepted, congratulations! Our support doesn’t stop here. We will guide you through the pre-settlement check and settlement day, leaving you more time and energy to direct towards arranging moving day and getting settled in your new home.

Meet the Kelleher Real Estate team.

Our People

Speaking from experience.

Recently Sold

“Thank you for all your help over the last two months, especially Jeremy getting them onto fixing everything they needed to fix before settlement. It certainly helps to have people on board that can get the job done if we need a helping hand!"

Jo & Matthew